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Bathroom saftey

General Bathroom Safety
Throw Safety
 Tipster smallest opportunity in your home can have many dangers. drown, burns, falls, poisoning, electrical shock – all these things container happen in your bathroom. Keep young children out of the bathroom unless you are watching them watchfully. Here are a little other ways to keep your people safe in the lavatory.

Prevent fall 
• Have a grab bar by the bathtub and spray. 
• Comprise a grab bar by the restroom. 
• Put non-slip carpets in your tub or spell of rain.
• Have a take a bath mat with a non-skid bed next to the tub and spell of rain.
• Continue the bathroom flooring clean and dry.
• exploit nightlights in hallways and bathroom 

Protect Young family 
• Don't let infantile children exploit the sink or tub without help. After children are in the tub, stay slam enough to touch them.
• Know the effects in your bathroom that is poison.
• Look by the side of the labels for the words "prudence," "Warning," "menace," "Poison" or "continue Out of Reach of Children" on the box or bottle.
• Keep all medicines and cleaning food in the containers they came in. continue labels on them. 
• All your medicine with cleaning products should have child shelter caps.
• All medicines, blusher (make-up) and cleaning supplies must be locked in a cabinet.
• Set your water radiator at 120 degrees F or later below the middling setting.

Prevent Fire 
• Drive out candles if you disappear the bathroom.
• Have a outsized, deep ashtray for smokers in your family. 
• Put run on cigarette butte before throwing them not here.
Prevent Electrical stun Injuries
• Keep hair dryers, curl irons and electric razors away from water. 
• all the time unplug appliances past using them. 
• The electrical outlet in the restroom should enclose a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI). This is a tool that protects you opening a dangerous shock when water and electricity come in somebody's company. 
• If you don't already possess one, an electrician can establish a GFCI on behalf of you. 
Bathroom safety

The bathroom is often the most dangerous room in a home. It's a room with hard and often wet slippery flooring furnished with toilets, tubs, showers and sinks made of such intolerant materials as porcelain, ceramic, chrome and tile. In addition, some of the most lethal medicines and cleaning foodstuffs in the house are stored in the bathroom cabinet. The bathroom requires extra care and planning to prevent accidents. Bathroom safety is not just a concern for the very young, the very old or the disabled; it should be for everyone. Accidents, injuries and sometimes death can take place to anyone at any age as is clearly outlined in under Toilet Injuries. Below are just a few commercial products that are available to enhance the safety, convenience, and comfort of your bathroom. 
The Home Safety Council has this to say about bathroom shelter: The combination of water, medications and electrical appliances make safety precautions in and around the bathroom essential for every family member. Safe storage of goods, constant adult control around water and swift cleaning of slick surfaces should be common practice to help reduce the risk of some of home injuries. The Home Security Council Bathroom Safety information advises families how to avoid slips and falls, poisoning, burn and drown dangers in the bathroom and is well worth printing out. 
It's difficult to talk about, but being honest and open about your limitations in the bathroom is the first step toward enhancing your safety, regaining independence and maintaining an element of privacy. For a fine article on the subject see, "Privacy and Independence in the Bathroom" from the Dynamic Living Newsletter. You can also sign up for a free subscription to their newsletter. 
Prescription Drugs
Do not flush instruction drugs down the toilet. (Per the Santa Clara County section of Environmental Health.) Although this was a policy used in the past, new evidence and studies show that prescription drugs are not being completely filtered out when passing from beginning to end sewer treatment plant life. Damage to marine natural world and plantlike is an end product of this. Please take any prescription drugs or medication to your local Household Hazardous Waste Program to be safely disposed of. The Rest of the Story. An added article titled Improper Drug Disposal May injury Fish. 
~~ Specialty Bathroom Accessories ~~
Tactically placed grab bars in the tub and shower areas are an absolute must for every bathroom. Soap dish handles, towel bar, faucet handles, tub spouts or glass sliding doors are NOT grabbers. Grab bars should be solidly anchored in the wall if at all possible to a structural member in back of the tile. Grabbers come in every imaginable configuration meant for every size or shape of bathtub or shower stall. They come in a variety of materials and colors to blend in with your existing faucets and equipment. 
The University of Missouri Extension Service devotes a page to Bathroom protection for Older People. On it are a number of excellent drawings illustrating the various ways that grabbers should be installed in a bathtub or shower enclosure? 


ADA Accessibility Guidelines
A 42 inch (1065 mm) minimum length grab bar is required to the side of the water closet spaced 12 inches (305 mm) maximum from the back wall and extend a minimum of 54 inch (1370 mm) from the back wall at a height between 33 and 36 inches (840-915 mm). The toilet paper distributor shall be mounted at a minimum height of 19 inches (485 mm). The height of water closets shall be 17 in to 19 in (430 mm to 485 mm), calculated to the top of the toilet seat (see Fig. 29(b)). Seats shall not be sprung to return to a lifted position. For more details see 4.16 hose down Closets of the ADA ease of access Guidelines

The Daisy Lift

The Daisy Lift provides a safe and easy way to raise and lower
a toilet seat, without have to touch it with your hands.
Created out of non-porous, bacteria-resistant chinaware.
The Daisy Lift knob prevents bacteria from being transmit. 

Baby Proof Your Home
"How to Baby Proof Your Home" by Lisa goblin
An easy-to-read guide which highlights trouble spots before your beloved toddler spots them. Includes a section on basic first aid for choking, burns, electrocution etc. Written in a room-by-room set-up, this guide encourages parents to see their home through the eyes of their children and offers preventative measures to protect them from harm. It also includes sections on safety in the garage and what to do if your teenager does have an accident. 

Baby Proof the Toilet
he Gerber Safety Toilet Lid Lock is easy to install -- the device sticks onto the top of the toilet seat -- mounts easily and securely to the toilet lid with double-sided tape, and resets routinely when the lid is closed, increasing its deterrent rate. Should thwart children up to at least age 2½. You just swing a pedal to open it. Lid by design locks again as you shut it. Help keep curious children, toys and hands out of toilet. Easy to clean, out-of- the-way placement. Easy for adults and older children to use. Gerber Safety bathroom Lid Lock ($4.29). Phone: 800-4GERBER; 

This little devise might have saved the life of the little girl in London, Kentucky in January 2004. While her mother was in another room, Brianna, a 10-month old who was just learning to crawl, climb and walk managed to climb up on a box near the toilet and fell top first into the toilet bowl and drown. Her 10-year-old brothers discovered her and pull her out of the toilet, bar no one was able to revive the tiny girl.
(The Washington Times, 30 Jan 2004, pg. 8, American Scene) 
Lock Up the Drugs and Cleaning Supplies
Consumer Reports tests child-safety products and said about 1 million children by calamity ingest medicines or chemicals each year. Fifty or so die as a result. The special latch on the left will keep tots from opening medicine cabinets with sliding doors. To open, just flatten the curved ends and the front door slides over the lock. When the doors are closed, it locks without human intervention! Attaches to glass, mirror or forest with double sided adhesive. Doors must have 3/8" or less in the course of them. (May mar wood when removed.) The handle on the right is used on. Attaches easily and close tightly. thin, non-marring and durable
 Bathroom Poison Safety
A lot of things in the bathroom can be poisonous if children eat or drink them. Medicine can also be dangerous for adults if they use them the wrong way. Read the label on the box or urn of all products. If you see the words “Caution,” “Warning,” “Danger,” “Poison,” or “Keep out of Reach of Children,” are awfully careful with that product. Keep it in a locked place if young children live or visit your home. Here are some extra tips to keep your family safe from poisons in your bathroom.

• If something could harm a child if she ate or drank it, buy it with a special cap or top that makes it harder for children to open it. Child-resistant packaging has been shown to help protect children from poisoning. 
• Lock medicines and medical supplies, including personal wanton, in a cabinet or box. Go on the key in a safe rest where children cannot find it. 
• act not keep medicine inside purses, nightstand drawers, or other places children can find them. 
• Keep all medicines in the bottle or box they come in. Make sure you save the label. It has in twist your doctor or pharmacist wants to help you in a crisis. 
• Recognize that all medicines and vitamins can be poisonous to children. Keep them protected up. 
• Other things like make-up, vitamins, hair products and cleaning materials can also hurt children. Read the labels. Store these in a locked place. 
• If you take care of someone who uses medications, keep track of what they are taking. Employ a pill holder to ring a bell you how much they encompass taken and engrave down when they took it. 

The Safe mode to Get Rid of Medicines You Do Not Need
• Be safe. Throw away medicines if you don't use them. Look at the time on the sticky tag. If the date has approved, throw the medicine away. 
• Do not put medicines in the sink or lavatory. They can poison our water and make people and plants and fauna sick. Put the medicine in the garbage. 
• Take off the label before you fling the medicine container away if it has your name or one information about you. 
• Wrap the jug in paper or in a plastic bag. Close the plastic bag and put it in the garbage. Keep offspring and pets away from the garbage. 
• If you have pills, crush them sooner than you throw them out. Mix the pieces into old auburn basis, sand, or kitty litter
BathroomSafety Raily
Bathroom safety rails are completely essential if you are to protect yourself against accidents in the home. It has been well documented that the vast majority of such falls take leave in the bathroom, and with good reason. Only here do you get slippery surfaces, running water and constant changes of balance, all in the same unforgiving area.
We have a number of outstanding solutions here at All Time Medical. From elevated commodes and commode chairs to toilet seats, hand grip, bathtub mat and more, you will not find a more complete inventory of all things related to washroom safety. Some of the most popular products today are bathroom safety rails, a simple bulwark against slipping and standing with no proper support.
What makes a good bathroom security rail? You want to look for padded grips, non-stick surfacing, sturdy mounting brackets and hardy materials that can withstand the warmth changes and steam of a bathroom environment. Good construction can preserve the device for years to come, offering you stability whenever you need it.
There is a reason so many public bathroom offer these rails, and it can be measured in the sharply reduced number of accidents they impetuous. From help with sitting and standing to a much-needed grip in case of slippage, bathroom security rails have become required fare for anyone touched by decreased balance or mobility. Please do not hesitate to contact the well-mannered professionals here at if you have questions about bathroom security rails. We are more than happy to assist you with all your mobility and safety needs.
Bathroom Saftey Tips
one of the most frequented places in your house, the humble bathroom ranks right up there with the kitchen as one of its prime danger zones. But with a little common sense, appropriate supervision, and a few pointers such as persons below, you can make your bathroom much safer for your young children.

Toilet. You probably don't need to be told that toddlers like to explore and play with water. What you may not realize is that they are also rather top-heavy because their heads are much better in size relative to their bodies than adults'. This makes drowning in a toilet a real--and preventable--possibility. In addition to always keeping a watchful eye on your child when you distinguish he's in the bathroom; consider installing toilet seat locks to keep him from cavity the lid.

Bathtub. Not only do bathtubs provide an easily accessible source of hot water and a slippery surface on which to fall, but when filled with water, they also pose a significant drowning risk for children. You can reduce these risks by covering the faucet handle with a soft, insulated cover, putting in a non-skid mat or adhesive strips, and never, under any circumstances, leave your child in the bathtub devoid of adult supervision-even for a minute or two.

Garbage can. Your carefree days of tossing anything and everything into the trivia can are over, at least for the subsequently few years. Common bathroom items such as razor, medications, getting on cleaning supplies, and hairspray containers can pose serious risks to curious young children.

Medicines. Most people keep at least some of their medicines in the bathroom medicine cabinet. While that is a relatively safe place when you have an infant, older toddlers and offspring can climb and explore. Always leave medicines in their childproof and labeled containers; if some didn't come in such safety containers (many over-the-counter medicines don't), store them on a shelf well out of even a climbing child's attain. When possible, locked away in a medicine cabinet or in another place be best.

Electrical risks. Clearly, water and electricity don't mix. Protect your child by making sure that your lavatory outlets are covered just as they should be elsewhere in your house; easy-to-install and inexpensive outlet plugs are available at most baby-supplies stores. Also, if the outlets are close to the sink or another water source, make sure that they meet current safety standards. Be sure that electrical devices such as razors and hair dryers aren't left plugged in somewhere near water, and are unplugged and stored away when not in use.

Burns. Hot water poses the obscure risk when it comes to the potential for burns in the bathroom. You should be able to hold your hand less than the faucet by way of only the hot water running. Simply turning down your water heater to a maximum of 120 degrees Fahrenheit can limit the risk of scalding. Initially, teach your toddler not to touch the water controls. As he grows older, teach him the difference between the hot and cold controls and supervise him carefully as he uses water in the sink or takes a bath. Another potential burn culprit: curling irons. Hot curling irons are responsible for many childhood burns and can be easily avoided by not leaving the cord hanging over the counter or the iron plugged in and unsupervised.

Cleaning supplies. Before you became a parent, you may have been accustomed to storing your toilet bowl cleaners, floor polish, drain openers, and other cleaning supplies under the bathroom sink. Now is a good time to make sure all these goods are kept in cabinets with childproof locks or stored in a high and hard-to-reach cabinet. All cleaning products should be stored in their inventive, labeled, childproof containers.

Windows. As with any other room in your house, bathroom windows can pose a risk to your child, as can the cords on the blinds. For more information on avoiding these dangers, see our article on window safety.

General access. Now that you know some of the potential dangers that lurk in your bathroom, you just might want to install a catch lock high up on the outside of the bathroom door so you can keep it secured when the bathroom isn't in use. But, remember, for this to work, you and everyone else in the house has to be diligent about using it. 
Bathroom safety products offer consumers and patients independence at home. Normal daily living activities can be once again performed in private without assistance from family members or caregivers. Comfort, safety and self-confidence are now restored with the many products available.

Bathroom safety products offer consumers and patients independence at home. Normal daily living activities can be once over performed in private without assistance from family members or caregivers. Comfort, safety and self-confidence are now restored with the many products available.
Install a bathtub or shower with a floor surface made of non-skid material.

Add adhesive strips or appliqués with a ya little abrasive surface to the bathtub or the floor or the shower stall.

Use a non-skid mat while you are in the tub or shower, and consider using another one on the bathroom floor to prevent you starting slipping as you leave the bathtub.

Install grab bars on the walls. These are designed to help you keep your balance as you enter or leave the tub or shower. Grab bars must be attached to studs or other structural supports in the wall.

You can also install a grab rail as well. It attach to the side of the bathtub.

Consider using a transfer bench for elderly or injured persons. This is designed to fit securely over the tub and help go on your balance as you step in or out of the tub or spell of rain.
Bathroom Saftey
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A&r Wholesale
Supplier of the acrylic Safety Tub brand walk-in bathtub with built-in chair height seats. Specially designed for the elderly and disabled

North Carolina, USA
Ableware From Maddak, Inc.
Aids to daily living. A full line of ADL devices and therapist/ clinician supplies.
(973) 628-7600
New Jersey, USA
Accessible Environments
Since 1989, Accessible Environments has been providing the elderly and people with disabilities a single source solution for their accessibility and mobility needs. A family owned and operated business that offers a combined 30+ years of experience in creating barrier-free environments in the home and workplace.

Florida, USA
Active aid
Offers a range of shower commode wheelchairs, bath chairs, tilt chairs and tables, bed rails, parallel bars, exercise apparatus and spineboards. Also bariatric models as well as custom designed shower commode wheelchairs. 
Minnesota, USA
Akw Medicare
AKW MediCare is a provider of barrier free shower enclosures and bathroom safety products that improve the quality of life of the elderly and less able and help them with independent living.
+ 44 (0) 1624 691 604 / 6
United Kingdom
Manufacturer and supplier of pre-formed orthoses, alarms for fall management, cushions, diagnostic imaging and operating room accessories, orthopedic rehabilitation equipment and ergonomic workplace solutions.

Massachusetts, USA
Altman Products
Features a selection of home healthcare products and medical supplies. They offer the following products: a variety of back & neck support cushions, coccyx gel cushion, memory & regular foam seat cushions, as well as bed positioning wedges, donut ring cushions, mattress pads, reusable underpads & incontinent pants/briefs, plus a selection of wheelchairs, walkers and crutches, which come with a broad assortment of accessories.

California, USA
Antiheros Medical
Specializing in PVC products for special needs populations. Products include wheeled walkers, homecare beds, shower commode chairs, and gurneys.
Kansas, USA
Antisocial Inc.
Antiscald manufactures and sells thermostatic mixing valves that mix hot water with cold to deliver tempered water at a constant temperature. The AntiScald™ Scaldshield Mini TMV is specifically intended for use in conjunction with individual faucets and electronic sensor faucets to reduce accidental scalding.
New York, USA
Apex Dynamics
A manufacturer and distributor of quality patient lifting and handling products since. Their products are designed and made to suit the daily lifting and handling needs of users and caregivers.

Apex Medical Corp
Manufactures and distributes pressure reducing bed surfaces, bathroom safety equipment, mobility aids, and respiratory equipment.

Aquajoy Boatlifts Ltd
Bath lifts and accessories for both adults and children.

01207 501555
United Kingdom
Assistive Innovations Inc.
The Ultimate Shower Chair for tub transfers.

Assistive Technology, Inc
Assistive Technology, Inc. is a developer of hardware and software solutions for people with physical, cognitive, and speech disabilities. They offer augmentative communication devices, speech-generating devices, and assessment software.

Massachusetts, USA
Manufactures a mount for retrofitting any commercial "Vitreous China" wall mounted toilet with a support that enables use by any obese person up to 1000 pounds.

Georgia, USA
Bayport Healthcare
Bringing European durable medical equipment, aids to daily living and accessability products including bathroom and bedroom safety and comfort, mobility aids, and aids to daily living.

+44 845 260 7061
United Kingdom
Bison Bode
Domestic stair lifts and a range of bathing equipment. Aquatec bathlifts and accessories. A range of public access lifts which provide solutions for access into public buildings.
+44(0)1207 585000
United Kingdom
Blevins Medical, Inc.
Offers the Versatran Lift. A platform based patient lifting and transferring system that requires no slings and is multi-positional. The VersaTran Lift is a lift designed to aid patients and caregivers who need assistance in the bed-to-lift and lift-to-bed transfer of patients. This lift system allows for an improved quality of life, securing the safety of both the patients and those who care for them.

Virginia, USA
Chameleon portable shower commode chair. Dawn Care Hoists for tioleting. Transport chairs,lap trays, positioning devices, and Rise elevating & tilting shower commode chair.
+45 49 13 99 55
Care Craft
Care Craft manufactures a range of individually designed occupational aids, using natural wood as the main medium, to meet the requirements of Occupational Therapists assisting the rehabilitation of people with physical disabilities.

0800 356611
New Zealand
Care Knight
Care-Knight offers bathing aids, mobility scooters, recline and rise chairs, adjustable beds and stair lifts. 
0800 1 690 690
United Kingdom
Carex Rubbermaid
Bathroom safety devices, mobility and patient aids.

Cd Sparling
C.D. Sparling Company is a major manufacturer of grab bars, shower sears, shower rods, and grab bar fasteners.

Michigan, USA
Clark Medical Products
Provides quality bathroom safety products and patient lifting equipment to individuals who desire independence, mobility and safety to accommodate their bathroom needs.

Columbia Medical
Columbia Medical provides unique products for people with physical disabilities. Products include ositioning commodes, bath supports, reclining bath chairs, toilet supports.

California, USA
Comfort Orthopedic
Offers a series of steel and aluminum manual wheelchairs, electric Wheelchairs, standing wheelchair, airline chair, 3 & 4 wheel mobility scooters, rehabilitation products, and mobility aids.

Manufacturer and distributor of bariatric beds, bathroom safety equipment, walking aids, gurneys, lifts, mattresses, transport chairs and stretchers, and manual and powered wheelchairs.

Danmar Products
Offers equipment used in therapeutic and recreational settings to enhance function as well as comfort. Head supports, assorted helmets, positioning devices, swim aids, and toileting aids.
Michigan, USA
Manufactures and distributes manual and power wheelchairs, walking aids, walkers and rollators, bathroom safety equipment, nebulizers, and pressure reducing surfaces. Offers bariatric and regular duty equipment.

New York, USA
DURALIFE manufactures a range of high-quality PVC furniture, shower commode chairs, and home healthcare products for hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and home use.

Pennsylvania, USA
Dynamic Living
Kitchen products, bathroom helpers and unique daily living aids that promote a convenient, comfortable and safe home environment for people of all ages.

Connecticut, USA
Residential and commercial washroom safety accessories. Manufactures grab bars, folding shower seats, flip up safety rails and bathroom safety equipment such as toilet frames, tub benches, transfer benches and raised toilet seats.
Ohio, USA
Walking aids, wheelchairs, shower commode chairs, and the Rotoflex positioning bed.

+420 234 123 456
Manufactures and distributes manual and power wheelchairs, bathroom safety equipment, activities of daily living devices, mobility and hygiene aids.

+46 371 58 73 30
Extend A Hand
Extend A Hand, locking and extending assistance grab bar. Conventional grab bars are 1&1/2-inches off the mounted surface. Extend A Hand provides a full 12-inch extension for obtaining a two-hand grasp where you need it. This locking extension can fold away exposing a conventional grab bar. 
Washington, USA
Manufactures the Bath-O-Matic bath lift.

Illinois, USA
Manufactures manual and powered wheelchairs, shower commode chairs, walkers and walking frames, and bathroom safety equipment.

049 717212
Gravity, Inc
Port A Bar is a grab bar that mounts with suction cups. Removable and portable grab bars for those who need some assistance. The company offers a variety of portable grab bar sizes and other products that allow you to keep your independence at home and safety when traveling.

Home Aid Products
Manufacture and distribute a variety of health care items that include transfer poles, bath seats, perching stools, utility carts, bariatric commodes, bed rails and overbed tables.

Ontario, Canada
Innovative Medical Incorporated
Manufactures light weight, folding, portable bath chairs and shower benches.

Interiors For Independence
Interiors for Independence professionally evaluates the specific needs of the individual in regards to accessible home modifications and offers a full line of products to enhance independence and safety.

Gulph Mills, Pennsylvania
Manufactures and distributes manual and powered wheelchairs and seating and positioning aids, pressure reducing surfaces, ambulatory aids, resporatory equipment, patient lifts,and homecare beds. 
Ohio, USA
PVC constructed shower commode chairs, walkers, gurneys, low beds,for adults and pediatric use.

Michigan, USA
Develops pediatric devices for standing, sitting, sleeping and lying, activities of daily living and toileting. Products are primarily designed to provide physical support and access for the special needs child.

+44(0)114 285 3376
United Kingdom
Kinsman Enterprises, Inc.
Kinsman Enterprises is a OEM manufacturer of products for activities of daily living and rehabilitation.

Illinois, USA
Lasco Bathwater
Produces the Freedomline assisted care and barrier-free bathing fixtures with a variety of options such as seats, pressure balancing mixing valves, grab bars and hand held shower heads.
California, USA
Designs and manufactures positioning equipment for children with cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, spina bifida and other special needs. They offer a complete range of seating systems, standing frames, bath chairs, toilet seats, walkers, strollers, sleep systems and head support systems

44 (0)28 9060 2277
Northern Ireland
Manger International
Mangar International offers a range of unobtrusive small portable lifts for home, residential care, and in hospital care. Products include a complete line of bath lifts and moving and handling equipment.

Texas, USA
Maxhealth Corporation
OEM of walking aids, shower commode chairs, wheelchairs, patient lifters, and pressure reducing surfaces.

886-2-26984169~73, 269824
Mede sign Ltd
Designs, manufactures handling and healthcare aids, adl devices, gardening tools and aids. Handling devices include bed ropes, hand blocks,handling sling, slide sheets, support and transfer belts, transfer boards, and patient sliders.

United Kingdom
The Medway Corporation offers a Toilet Riser solution that’s easy to use. The raised toilet seat attaches to the floor, the Medway Corporation easy Toilet Riser™ boosts toilet seats from the bottom. Which means you’ll be able to keep using the same seat you’ve always used. There are no extra bells and whistles, nothing extra to clean, and no “adjustments” you’ll have to make to your daily routines.

Myco produces and sells the Swivel Bather, a turning bath seat that allows easy transfer over the bath. The user sits on the seat from the side of the bath and then swivels over the bath for a wash or shower. The comfortable seat provides back and arm support and is ideal for people who feel insecure on a bath board. The Swivel Bather rests on any standard bath. No fixtures or fittings are required and it is easily removed so that others can use the bath.

0845 230 1202
United Kingdom
North Coast Medical
A full service supplier of products that help people perform daily activities at home and in the workplace.
California, USA
Nimrod, Inc.
Nuprodx designs and manufactures high quality durable medical equipment for people with disabilities. Their focus is on bathroom equipment, such as bath benches, shower chairs, and raised toilet seats that are strong and stable for everyday home use and lightweight and portable for travel.

California, USA
Otto Bock
Wheelchairs, seating and positioning, cushions, bath safety, gait traners, and wheelchair accessories.

Para mobility
Portable patient lifters for swimming pools and vehicles. 

Parsons Ad Inc.
Offers a wide range of daily living devices.
(905) 936-3580

Phillips Lifts Systems, Inc.
The Butt Booster or the Tush Push lift systems. Assists in rising from toilet.

The Pole-Kat is a vertical pole that goes from the ceiling to the floor of any room in your home. It assists individuals with standing and transferring in and out of wheelchairs, beds, bathtubs, chairs, and more.
California, USA
R82 is a manufacturer of pediatric seating, wheelchairs, car seats, activity chairs, standing frames, walking aids, toilet and bath aids, 

Rd Equipment, Inc.
The Tub Slide Shower Chair transfer system. 

Rifting Equipment
Offers walkers, standers, chairs, tricycles, bath chairs and toileting systems. 

Sabre Stair lift Systems
Stair glides, adjustable bed, and Riviera Bath Lift.

Safety Rails Australia
Manufacturers of FIRMA GRIP grab rails. Specialising in: Grab rails- Hand rails- Bedscreen track- Shower seats- Specialist stainless steel fabrication. 

Sammons Preston
Offers a wide variety of exercise and work hardening equipment, therapeutic, orthopedic, rehabilitative and ADL products and treatment furniture.

Shower Aide
Access from chair to tub.

Shower Anywhere
Portable Shower Stalls - Shower Stall with Dressing Room -Economy Shower Stalls - Portable Commode Chairs - Shower Bath In Bed - Digital Stimulation Commode Chairs. 
(800) 992-2055

Size right offers heavy duty medical equipment and products for larger sized individuals in a facility or home care setting.

Pediatric gait trainers, wheelchairs, walkers,standers, and bath devices. Adult and pediatric Etac wheelchairs, walkers, and shower commode chairs.

Standers Inc.
Devices that help get up into a standing position. Couch cane, furniture risers, car caddie, bed cane, bed caddie...

Sunfire Slip Proof Systems
Offers slip proof surfaces and flooring for bathing and showering areas, tubs, decks, and most other areas.

Sunrise Medical
Quickie brand wheelchairs, Jay Cushions, Smartseat seating systems, bathroom satety equipment, walking aids, patient lifts, pressure reducing surfaces, and DeVilbiss brand respiratory equipment.
(303) 218-4500

A manufacturer and distributor of bathroom and bathing equipment. Devices for household use and aids to daily living, canes, walkers, and wheeled walkers,cushions, positioning devices and transfer boards.

The Adaptive Design Shop
Bath chairs, commodes, shower commode chairs, supports, commodes, bath supports and custom.

Total Hygiene Limited
Provides healthcare products and automatic wheelchair shower toilets aimed at making the daily lives of less-able or infirm people and their carers a little easier. Automatic WC/shower toilets have been installed in hospitals, nursing homes, schools for the handicapped, elderly persons homes, hospices, hotels, further education establishments as well as in the private homes of disabled people.

0800 374 076
United Kingdom
Triadic Inc.
Four main product groups: Foot Pedal Tricycles- Hand Crank Tricycles- Gait Trainers- Toiletting/Shower Chairs- 
(800) 306-6777

Offers a line of engineered under sink plumbing/pipe covering devices that accommodate wheelchair users and that address ADA-mandated undersink accessibility.
(800) 340-5969
Collierville, Tennessee
Manufactures and designs grab bars, washroom accessories and railing systems. 

Tuff care
Product line includes manual wheelchairs, power wheelchair, freedom carts, patient care products and homecare beds, walking aids, and bathroom safety devices. 

Warren Hooker Rehab
Bathability ~ Manual Bath-Aid for transfering to a tub. 

Wingit grab bars- The WingIt allows anyone to put a grab bar in his/her bathroom in 10 - 20 minutes. Bathtub and toilet transfer seats and shower seats.

Manufactures bathroom safety equipment and transport wheelchairs.
10 Bathroom Safety Tips

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Bathroom Safety | Home Safety Tips | Bathroom Lighting | Safety Tips 
Dangers exist all around your home, and unless safety precautions are in place, you leave yourself, your family, and your visitors in danger. To the right from the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in your home. This list of bathroom safety tips should be read by all. 

 Recognizing these dangers, and making some general sense decisions, will go a long way in protecting your family. The first step is to follow these important bathroom safety tips to follow.

Bathroom safety tip # 1

Electrical items in the bathroom are sometimes necessary, but they can direct to deadly accidents or injury. NEVER plug in an electrical electrical device near an area where water is present. This includes the bathtub, toilet, and even sinks. One false move could plunge a plugged-in electrical item into water, causing electrocution. 

Bathroom safety tip # 2

Use slip resistant mats or materials in and around wet areas. Purchase mats with a non-slip backing, or gritty surface, to help in prevent bathroom slips and falls. 

Bathroom safety tip # 3

Mop up any accumulated water from the floor. If children are in the home, always inspect the floor surface after bath time, hand washing, or teeth brushing. This will guarantee there aren't any water puddles on the floor. Not only can this water cause slips and falls, but it also goes back to lavatory safety tip # 1; electrocution.

Bathroom safety tip # 4

defend electrical outlets with a ground-fault circuit interrupter. An electrician can install this for you, and it will protect you from being shocked, in the event that water and electricity approach together.

Bathroom safety tips # 5

Install grab bars in or around the bath and shower area, and also by the toilet. When installed properly, grab bars make it easier to get out of the bath, and are first-class to have in case you loose your footing in the tub or shower. Senior citizens, in particular, can benefit from having grab bars installed in the home. NEVER use a soap dish or towel rack as a grab bar.

Bathroom safety tip # 6
The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) states that nearly one million people over age 65 are treated in hospital emergency rooms for injuries associated with products they live with and use everyday. 
By quilting gal | Published 4/26/2007 | Read more »
Bathroom safety tip # 7
Most seniors are quite capable of taking care of themselves; though, it is important that they follow these simple safety tips for their home.
 Bathroom safety tip # 8
paring Break safety is frequently the last thing a young person thinks of while planning their getaway. Anyone planning a Spring Break trip should keep these five safety tips in mind.
Bathroom safety tip # 9

As parents and grandparents age, their needs change, and as a host for the holidays, there are certain ways you can make your guest bedroom, guest lavatory and home safer and more accessible.
By Pam Galling | Published 11/30/2007 | Read more »

Many people enjoy camping trips. When you and your family decide to go camping, it is important that you know how to do so safely. Here, you will find many camping safety tips to help you out. 
By Charles skillet | Published 5/1/2007 | Read more »

Man. When I have kids, I think I will send them around the house wearing a helmet, knee and elbow pads, and a life jacket. In all seriousness, you really need to have Gin’s installed (tip #4). If you are a landlord who accepts HUD Section 8 vouchers, these are required on all kitchen and bathroom outlet and with good reason. They are fairly inexpensive and so very important! 
Bobby Tall Horse
Great tips. accidents can happen so quickly! 

Good bathroom safety tips. 

I often think about #1 when blow-drying near the sink, and make sure no water is standing. 
Bathroom safety tip # 10

I would have never even deliberation of half of these. I am guilty of blow drying and straightening my hair right above the sink. I never have any water in it, but I was just thinking about pardon? would happen if I accidentally turned the faucet on when I drop one of these electronic items. I have slipped in the bathroom before too. I identify have a great mat that does not move an inch. This article could really help people avoid injury and perhaps even save a life. 

These are great tips! I own up, I don't usually think of the dangers of these things. 

Solid tips! 

Great bathroom tips , these are very use when you have small children, thanks for sharing and nice writing, i like it , seen your interview in Sabbath Karma website good luck! to you Jennifer Wagner 
Most Bathroom Safety Tips

Bathroom safety is an essential part of keeping your children healthy and safe within your home. Whenever you have children, especially toddlers and preschoolers, you have to be constantly aware of the dangers throughout your house. This is especially important in one of the most used rooms in the house: your bathroom. Bathroom mold and mildew are obvious problems that are easy to spot, but countless hidden bathroom dangers also lurk that might not be as prominent for parents who think like adults rather than curious children.
• Bathtubs and Showers
Too many parents have a near-miss or lose their children to drowning each year. Young children should never, ever be left alone in the bathtub. Walking out of the room for even a minute can cause drowning, and the tub only has to have a small amount of water in it. 
When bathing your baby, consider using a specially made seat that helps baby sit up in place. This allows you to wash your baby without worrying about him or her slipping under the water. Non-stick mats or stickers are a good idea in bathtubs and showers. These prevent slippage when your child is getting in and out of the tub or showering.
Pay careful attention, too, to water temperature, and never leave hot water running while your child is in the tub. Remember that a baby’s skin is far more vulnerable to hot water than an adult’s. Fill the tub first with cold water, and then use hot water to bring up the temperature to a comfortable level. Once your baby is in the tub, make sure the hot water is turned off and stays off.
• Burns
This may seem an odd concern for the bathroom, but burns can easily happen. Curling irons left within reach are a major source of burns in young children. Irons should never be set where children can reach them. Hair dryers are another hidden hazard, since small hands can reach into the nozzle or vents and contact heating elements that reach instantly searing temperatures and stay hot long after the hair dryer is turned off. Keep the hair dryer and its cord well out of reach. 
• Cleaning Supplies
many of us tend to put cleaning supplies where they are the handiest. In the bathroom that is usually under the sink. With children in the house, this is a big mistake. Even the fumes from many cleaning supplies are toxic. Cleaning supplies need to be up high beyond reach or behind a locked cabinet door. 
• Cabinet Doors & Drawers
Even when there is nothing toxic behind a cabinet or in a drawer, installing child safety locks can be a good idea. This prevents pinched and slammed fingers. It also keeps children from playing in the cabinets and making a mess of them. 
• Electricity
Electrocution is a real danger in bathrooms. Curling irons, hair dryers and electric shavers and trimmers should never be left plugged in after use. If you must use an appliance with a charging base, keep the base and the cord out of reach, remembering that your child will use the toilet, sink, drawers and tub as impromptu ladders to reach something that strikes his or her fancy. 
For added safety, install ground fault interrupters outlets in the bathroom that instantly disconnect the current if something electrical comes in contact with water. Many states now require these outlets for new construction or renovation.
• Germs
Kids put everything in their mouths, including their fingers. The bathroom is one big source of germs. The toilet seat, shower stall, door handle and floor are all potential germ spots. Clean your bathroom daily with a disinfectant cleaner. Teach children to wash their hands after using the bathroom and before eating. Never let children play in the bathroom. 
• Medicine
Keep all medicines out of children’s reach. A locked medicine cabinet or locked drawer is the best solution. Even everyday nonprescription drugs, such as cold medicines, antibiotic creams and sunscreen, are toxic to kids. 
• Mold and Mildew
Mildew and certain types of mold have been linked to allergies, asthma and respiratory problems. Mold and mildew spores can travel throughout your home, so you need to take action at the first sign of growth. 
Make sure your bathroom is adequately ventilated and able to dry quickly if it gets steamy. This could mean installing a stronger fan or simply opening a window. Mildew and most molds hate sunlight, so keeping the shades up when no one is in the room can provide a natural deterrent.
If mold and mildew appear, scrub the area thoroughly with diluted bleach to kill them. You may want to consider treating the area with a mildew-resistant paint or a maledicted that can be added to any paint.
• Toilet
Kids love the toilet. They love playing in water, and the toilet is just at their level. But kids are top heavy and can topple headfirst into the toilet. Toilet lids are heavy and can land on heads and fingers and cause damage. Never leave toddlers alone in the bathroom and consider installing a toilet cover lock in your bathroom

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